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Data storage, streaming, serving and real time processing in a single node
Digital transformation with real-time analytics and extreme transaction processing
Simple to use, agile, resilient, batteries included Translytics platform
Mainframe-class performance and reliability with commodity infrastructure
Rumi awarded Mutable Platinum Award 2020 by Bloor Research
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N5 empowers enterprises to derive business insights in real-time from Big data and Fast data and integrate this capability directly into their transactional applications.

Key capabilities:

  • Very low latency querying and analytics
  • Big data storage
  • Real-time data ingestion
  • Stream processing and analytics
  • Operational storage
  • Customizable agile data server
  • Scalable compute

Rumi awarded Mutable Platinum Award 2020 by Bloor Research

Equity Trading

1 Million
Equity Orders

per second with
zero loss
under 10 microsecond


100+ Million

10+ million offers,
400k + rates/sec, personalized pricing
under 1 millisecond


1 Million
Retail Products

10,000 competitors dynamic
best price
under 1 millisecond

Fraud Detection

10+ Terabytes
Transaction History

10,000 times/second
under 50 millisecond

Revenue Growth from Hyper-Personalization

“Personalized pricing implemented was instrumental in a 25x increase in loyalty-based revenue.”

— CIO, Fortune 500 Travel & Hospitality

Extreme Performance with Resilience

“1 Million Equity Orders per second in under 10 microseconds client-market with zero loss.”

— CTO, Leading NY Hedge Fund

TCO Reduction from Operational Simplification

“$50 million in cost reduction in year-1. This included hardware, network, and software savings, along with reduced support cost and trading risk-related cost.”

— CTO, Fortune Global 500 Investment Bank

No other platform has the ability to process this volume of data at such speeds, in real-time, without loss.

New Business Capabilities

Launch business capabilities that are limited only by your Imagination, and not your data and compute platform.

Enhanced Agility

Concept-to-market mission critical analytical transactional application development in weeks, not months.

Reduced TCO

Achieve quick ROI with 50X reduction in your cloud and data center footprint and operational costs.

Very High Throughput

Over 50X throughput increase with commodity hardware compared to traditional architecture.

Predictable Ultra-Low Latency

Achieve single-digit microsecond predictable latency per end-to-end transaction without GC pause.

High Resiliency

Highly available with Zero data loss and No down time even on failures. Support for multi-site replication.


Modern transactional systems such as hyper-personalization, dynamic pricing systems, equity trading systems, credit-card fraud detection systems, and electronic payment systems need to derive business insights from massive volumes of historical and live data . Such a capability is foundational for growing trends such as digital transformation and hyper-personalization in which the enterprise’s digital assets, primarily their data, needs to be heavily leveraged to enable enterprises to serve their customers in a highly contextual, relevant, personalized, and timely manner.

Such systems are currently built by stitching together various compute and data technologies. However, the continued, exponential increase in the volume, velocity and variety of data used by these systems is putting extreme pressure on the systems, thus compromising the ability to meet the desired functional, performance, resilience and agility SLAs of the business.

Rumi from N5 offers the benefits of a new approach, designed and developed from the ground up to specifically support Translytics application development and execution. Rumi is the outcome of two fundamental realizations that underpin the tenets of its architecture:

(1)The Translytics problem is a data + compute problem, and thus requires a richer coupling between the two planes

(2)That compute and data needs to be brought together and operated and scaled as a unit (concept of data gravity)

RumiTM is architected as a multi-node massively scalable and resilient distributed processing system. Each node functions as a fault tolerant, highly available and elastically scalable micro dataservice. Each   dataservice   houses   data   with   co-located business logic. A dataservice is independently capable of in-memory data storage, fast data streaming, real-time data ingestion, CRUD and/or analytical data serving. The stream processing and analytical data serving logic is implemented by the dataservice’s business logic.

Learn more about N5 Technologies and Analytical Transaction Processing.